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My name is Barbara Buck and I am the creator of We Are the Dreamwalkers.

Those of us on the path of ascension are changing what it means to be human. We are developing new abilities and dedicating ourselves to service to humanity and the Earth. We are becoming more mindful of where we direct our energy. We are learning to take responsibility for our creations, our thoughts, our words, and our actions.

We're also learning how to connect more fully to our internal guidance systems. The frequencies of this ascension cycle are moving us into altered states of being, making it easier for us to view reality in all its multidimensional glory.

In our increasingly heightened states of consciousness, we can observe multiple realities and heal the patterns of deception and trauma that we've been incarnating into for millennia. We can bring what's been unconscious and hidden into our conscious awareness. We are here to illuminate the shadows.

This page was created to support everyone and anyone who is brave enough to have chosen to be here this ascension cycle. Thank you for being here.


This website is updated regularly and will continue to grow. We would love to hear your feedback!



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