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The Happy Empath
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The Happy Empath Care Package


Every Empath, no matter how skilled, struggles with their gift on occasion.


For many of us, it can be debilitating and overwhelming to be constantly inundated with other people’s stuff. That’s why it’s incredibly important to practice good self-care on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level, but most of us rarely do.

Empaths require special self-care. Just like an athlete takes special care of his body, or a singer cares for his  voice, you need to manage your abilities.  Constantly feeling the suffering of others can be very draining, and for many of us, we take on their suffering as if it were our own without realizing it.


 For many empaths, it eventually becomes too much for their physical bodies to handle, and the stress may manifest itself as exhaustion, chronic illness, anxiety, and depression.

If you’re an Empath, this package has been designed especially for you.

It will help you  balance and recharge your energy, get control of your gift, and clear the things you’ve been holding on to that keep knocking you off your path. Whether you are new to this stuff or a professional healer or psychic, you can benefit from the self-care tools it provides. All the sessions are done remotely, so you don't have to leave the comfort of your home to receive the benefits.

What you can expect from this package

       ✓ A greater understanding of your gift and how to use and manage it

       ✓ Let go of feeling victimized by your intuitive abilities

        Connect with your Higher Self and life purpose

        Clarity and a new sense of direction

        Removal of energetic blockages that might be holding you back

What it includes (see below for descriptions)


1 Life Intentions Reading

1 Reconnective Healing Session

1 Empath Development Session

1 copy of the ebook "The Happy Empath: Learn to Love Being   Sensitive"


The Hara Line, or Line of Intention, is the fifth dimensional aspect of a human being. We exist as five dimensional beings. The third dimensional self is our physical body and the material objects that surround us. The fourth dimensional self is our auric field. Our fifth dimensional self is the Hara Line, or Line of Intention.

 When we chose to come into material form, our higher selves did so with intention. We intended to come here to learn certain things and serve a certain purpose. We put all of these intentions onto the Hara Line and then created a physical form.

 The Hara Line is the foundation for the aura, which is the foundation for the physical body. Our intentions and actions have a direct effect on the Hara Line, so if they are mismatched, or are out of alignment with our higher self’s desires, this misalignment will show up on the Hara Line, which then shows up in the auric field, then in the body as disease or discomfort.

How can this help you as an empath?

 When doing a Life Intentions reading, we are checking the Hara Line for mismatched intentions and actions, which can be caught before they show up in the aura. If an illness or emotional issues have already manifested, the core reason behind the problems can be intuited and addressed.

Empaths are notorious for taking on other people’s emotions and physical issues, often without realizing it. They do this because they aren’t fully empowered and are out of alignment with their life purpose in some way.


The reading will find where the mis-alignments are and where the loss of power might be coming from. Once that’s identified, we can create a plan to get you back on track.  

A Life Intentions reading will also help you to reconnect to your life purpose and align with Divine Will. Your ability to feel what others feel is part of that life purpose. If you aren’t a skilled Empath, or you are, but are burned out, this reading will be a great help to you.

​The reading is done remotely within 48 hours of booking your package. You will receive a report, along with instructions on how to align your line.

​Click here to see a sample reading.


The universe has expanded into new healing frequencies. Some of them, like the frequency used in Reconnective Healing, reconnect people to their original fullness as human beings.

Reconnective Healing is an energy healing modality that aids in restoring a more complete connection to the Universe, an essential connection lost to humanity since ancient prehistory. It reconnects us to the fullness of who we are, and allows for healings that are not just physical, mental, or emotional, but go beyond that to bring us healing that includes the evolution of our very being and essence.

 How can this help you as an Empath?

Reconnective Healing can help you to heal anything, including physical, emotional, and spiritual issues, and the healing that you receive can be instantaneous and life-long. Since you are an Empath, you are most likely burned out, or suffering from chronic illness and fatigue, have difficulty in public situations, or are overwhelmed with life in general. All Empaths experience these issues at some point in their life. The healing session will help with that.

The Healing appointment will be done via phone, Skype, FaceTime, Facebook phone, or Google Hangouts. It will include a discussion about your Life Intentions reading.



Empaths can use their abilities to transform and enhance their life.  Being an Empath is a gift, and it’s time to embrace it. Many Empaths feel that their sensitivity is a burden, so they want to shut it off or learn how to protect themselves from other people’s stuff. It makes life too difficult. What was supposed to be a blessing is a curse that’s victimizing them.

Each one of us has a specific way of filtering the information that we pick up as an Empath, and once we understand our own unique method, we can obtain information about ourselves and others that we didn't have access to before. We can also learn how to control it in a way that’s healthy and empowering.


This session will give you tools that are going to help you to do that.

Connecting to our intuition and developing our abilities brings us more into alignment with our Higher Self and the Source. It creates self-awareness and a deeper understanding of who we are and why we're here.

I'm committed to creating a safe, loving, and supportive environment where you can awaken, explore, and enhance your skills.

Click on the image for sample Life Intentions Reading

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