January 25, 2016

I love to binge watch. Sometimes it's sci-fi on Netflix, but more often you will find me cozied up with some popcorn and a slew of TED talks. Here are some of my favorite talks by women. They inspire me, make me laugh, and help me see the world from different angles.


Caroline McHugh: The Art of Being Yourself

"Most of us don't take up much of the space that the Universe intended for us." Carolyn McHugh is absolutely brilliant at helping people to see their light and find that unique spark that exists in each one of us. I've watched this talk a number of times and I pick up something new every time I see it.



Elizabeth Gilbert: Your Elusive Creative Genius


January 22, 2016

We recently had a number of beloved celebrities pass away, and few of us have been left unscathed by it. My own personal sorrow at losing a couple of them has left me slightly embarrassed and my grief and wondering why the death of someone I’ve never met affects me at all.


The most obvious reason would be nostalgia. David Bowie was a huge part of the soundtrack of my teenage years, and his death is a bit like losing a part of my youth. He took a piece of it with him when he left.


There is more to it than that, though. His music affected me. I spent a multitude of hours holed up in my teen cave just sitting and listening. David Bowie, along with other musicians,...

January 21, 2016


Body image is a big deal for most women. When you throw a thyroid disease into the mix, or hormonal imbalances that cause weight fluctuations, it can be really difficult to “love the skin you’re in.”


I have Grave’s Disease and my weight rollercoasters up and down so fast that I can barely keep track of it. It doesn’t matter what I eat or how often I exercise. I will go from being practically skeletal to a little chubby within the same month. Weight issues come with the diagnosis.


The shape of my body is beyond my control at this point in my life. I never know what “skin” I’m going to be in from one day to the next. When I get up in the morning, I can never be...

January 20, 2016

Gratitude comes most easily for me when the sun is shining and I'm swimming in the sea, dancing with the leaves, or drinking in the wild air.

But what if I could practice gratitude all the time? What if I could appreciate the world for the beauty it holds, right now, in every moment? And when the now moment doesn't always look like the shining sun or dancing leaves? Then what?

I'm reminding myself to practice some radical gratitude this week. Will you join me?

I am grateful for this small scratch on my knuckles that stings and smarts. I am grateful because it made me look down at my hands and realize what I can do with them! I have both healthy hands to type these...

January 18, 2016


There are some who believe that John Lennon is alive and well and living in a piano.


Well, not literally living in a piano. They feel that the essence of his message of peace and love was infused into the piano when he composed Imagine, and that if you touch and play it, you can feel his presence within you.


When Caroline True took the piano on tour to cities and towns that had suffered a recent tragedy, even the hardiest of skeptics were moved by it. One woman said after playing it, that “it was like sleeping in your grandpa's sweatshirt at night. Familiar, beautiful, and personal."


Believing that you can feel the spirit of John Lennon in a piano is a form of...

January 10, 2016


I volunteer quite a bit. When I mention it to people, I feel strangely uncomfortable when they say things like “How wonderful to do such a kind and selfless thing.” I was never really sure where my discomfort came from until recently.


There is a man at the soup kitchen that I occasionally volunteer at, who has been there for many years. When a volunteer mentioned to him that his kindness was an inspiration to her, he said “Don’t be inspired by me. It’s not kindness that motivates me to serve- it’s guilt.”


That statement stopped me in my tracks and made me think. Could guilt also be the motivating factor behind my kindness, and is that the reason behind why I a...

January 8, 2016

People used to use talk about the power of acceptance to me all the time and I would just blow it off! Who needs to accept things when we can just fight and use our determination to get what we want?!!? I truly did not see its value or its importance. I usually always got what I wanted if I tried long enough, pushed long enough, or strained long enough. 


But you see, the universe always has creative ways of teaching us what we refuse to organically learn. What started to happen was, no matter how hard I tried to get the result I wanted, it did not come to fruition! “How could that be?” I asked myself. I kept trying harder and harder with no success. I finally h...

January 5, 2016

I am an artist.  I have considered myself an artist for as long as I can remember.  When asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I always stated “artist”. That being said, I want you to know it took me a long time to understand what that really meant and what creativity really means.  Seems like it is pretty self-explanatory, creativity is creating something.  And while that is most definitely true, there is so much more to the process, and it encompasses every single person on this planet, whether they realize it or not.

Because I also teach I am amazed at how many people, including some artists, who say they aren't creative.  It seems that all...

December 31, 2015

Do you find yourself micromanaging every little thing in your life? It seems like we are living in a time of “specialization,” and we are limiting our beliefs because of it.


 If we get sick, we are told that we need to go to a specific doctor or receive a certain type of treatment, because that’s the only way we are going to heal. If we struggle with the end of a relationship, we receive all kinds off well-intentioned advice from others about the “right” way to move on. We can become rigid in our minds when we buy into this way of thinking.


We are multidimensional beings, so numerous paths are open to us. There are a limitless number of ways that good can show...

December 28, 2015


Many changes took place when my Heart chakra opened. A step in my spiritual self-development, I’d been working on this big step for about a year. I knew my life would be altered and I was afraid to face the unknown. Then, I had heart surgery. The surgeon helped me open my Heart chakra. I knew he was part of the plan from the moment I met him. When I awoke from surgery I knew my heart chakra was fully open and I was right. There were changes I could feel immediately. The first feelings were about healing from surgery. I was able to stop taking pain meds fairly quickly. I was in awe that major, open heart surgery was performed and I was feeling weak but very goo...

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