December 31, 2017

I used to have tons of anxiety that people would find out that I was a “fake.”

When I was 19 years old, I landed a job as a makeup artist for a very famous rock band. There was a constant fear in the back of my mind that someone was going to figure out that I wasn’t as cool, talented, or together as I appeared to be, and send me packing.

Imposter syndrome is actually a “thing,” and it affects a majority of the population. It’s the fear that you don’t deserve what you have, and you could be exposed at any moment. Studies show that it’s one of the most common fears out there, especially in women.

 I was definitely not alone in feeling like a big phony. Tina Fay, Em...

February 17, 2016

“Just be yourself.” Sounds like great advice, right? We are offered this nugget of wisdom when we go for a job interview, or to meet a date for the first time. The problem with these three little words is that most of us have no idea who “we” are. How can we be authentic if we don’t know ourselves?


Think of how much time and energy we spend on managing our image. We get up in the morning and do our hair, choose a certain style of clothing for whatever we are doing that day, put on one face for our kids and another for our boss. It’s exhausting, when you think about it.


Most people don’t intentionally try to be inauthentic. We don’t even know we are doing it som...

February 1, 2016


I’m blessed to have my dream job, but it wasn’t too long ago that, come Monday morning, I was moaning and groaning along with the rest of the world at having to go to work. Believe it or not, there are some things that you can do to be happy at the job that you have right now.


Being happy is a skill that takes practice. You have to work at it and be intentional about experiencing it. If you are in a job that seems hard to get up for in the morning, then here are some well documented tips and tricks to help you find a little joy in your day.


Studies show that people are happier at work when they feel like they are helping others. You don’t have to work for a no...

January 25, 2016

I love to binge watch. Sometimes it's sci-fi on Netflix, but more often you will find me cozied up with some popcorn and a slew of TED talks. Here are some of my favorite talks by women. They inspire me, make me laugh, and help me see the world from different angles.


Caroline McHugh: The Art of Being Yourself

"Most of us don't take up much of the space that the Universe intended for us." Carolyn McHugh is absolutely brilliant at helping people to see their light and find that unique spark that exists in each one of us. I've watched this talk a number of times and I pick up something new every time I see it.



Elizabeth Gilbert: Your Elusive Creative Genius


January 7, 2016

                                    Photo credit: Kittikun Atsawintarangkul


It’s gotten to the point of where I don’t want to turn on my computer.


It’s too much bad.


We’ve got mass shootings, animal abuse, people shouting at each other over nonsense, and a million other negative images and ideas being streamed at us 24/7.


It overwhelms me sometimes, and I am an emotionally healthy person with a Pollyanna complex. I can only imagine how people who might be a little more anxious than I am might b...

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