March 10, 2017

Do diets and weight loss products really work, or are we just wasting our time and money?

There are currently 100 million dieters in America who are spending $20 billion a year on weight loss products, and yet 70% of our population is still overweight, with one in three considered obese. That’s not even counting the billions spent on surgeries, supplements, and weight loss drugs.

If they actually worked, we wouldn’t have to go on so many of them, would we?

We spend our time fiddling about with the latest and greatest weight loss fads, while dancing around the real issues. The majority of our population is overweight for a reason. The convenience of fast food, prep...

January 31, 2016


If you google the phrase “why we stay sick,” over 40 million results come up. Everyone has an opinion on why we get chronic disease. It’s the water, the food, the environment, the healthcare system, our genetics, our karma. We’re too fat, too skinny, not spiritual enough, too spiritual, we are lacking in some nutrient or medication, we aren’t happy enough, angry enough, honest enough. The list is endless.


Everyone can agree on one thing, though; we’re staying sick because we aren’t doing something right. The opinions on what that “something” might be, are as vast and varied as the people who have them.


I’m a firm believer in the idea that what we think has eve...

January 17, 2016


People sometimes make fun of tree huggers and nature lovers, but science is now giving us the last laugh. Being in nature can boost our health in a number of ways.


Research shows that hugging trees can have an effect on the brain. Matthew Silverstone’s book Blinded by Science refers to countless studies that indicate that touching and being near trees has a positive impact on ADHD, depression, reaction levels, behavioral issues, and concentration.


While some researchers have come to the conclusion that getting fresh air and exercise are what causes this, Silverstone takes it a big step further. He believes, and cites numerous studies to back his idea up, that...

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