September 2, 2016


Empaths are highly sensitive souls, and being in a relationship with one can make a person feel like they are dating outside of their species. It’s not for the faint of heart. We are elusive creatures who sometimes avoid intimacy because we don’t want to feel consumed and suffocated by another person.

We feel everything, but that’s not necessarily what makes it so difficult to be in relationships. More often, it’s that we absorb other people’s emotions and energy so much that we barely feel our own. Our boundaries can be poor to the point where we don’t know where we end and others begin.

We rarely take love lightly because it’s difficult for u...

February 22, 2016


In the last couple of years, people have gotten really free and easy with labeling other human beings “toxic.” You see articles like “How to Avoid Toxic People Like the Plague” and “How to Recognize a Toxic Person.” You hear people say, “Oh, that guy was totally toxic. I stopped dating him ages ago.”


When did it become acceptable in the healing community to judge and label people this way?


Calling someone toxic strips them of their humanity. We are judging them as less than we are, so that we feel superior. We are saying, “I have a right to judge you because you are struggling and it shows in your behavior.”


It appalls me that this word gets used the most in t...

February 11, 2016


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and I’ll be single for it…again.


I supposed that I should be frustrated at my ever long status of being alone, but nothing could be further from the truth. I feel really blessed to have this time to myself.


Whenever anyone single says this, no one believes them. They think we are deluding ourselves. I had a friend tell me recently that she thought that I had become too comfortable being independent and on my own. She decided that I couldn’t really be happy being alone. No one could.


She’s partially right. I have become really comfortable not being in a relationship. When people ask me if I’m ever lonely, I can honestl...

January 15, 2016

Do you stay in friendships that are long past their due date? Many of us cling to old friendships, no matter how toxic or negative they are, when the healthiest thing for everyone involved would be to let them go and move on.


Friendships are built over time and we put effort into them. Sometimes it’s harder to “break up” with a friend that you’ve had for years, than it is to leave a partner or marriage.  If you find that you don’t feel good when you are around a certain person, then it might be time to take a good hard look at what’s happening with the relationship.


There can be many reasons why we let a friendship go, and most of the time they aren’t very sini...

January 12, 2016

It’s an extremely rare person that goes into a relationship hoping that their new partner wants them to change. We want our significant other to love, honor, and accept us just the way we are. We hope that they will respect the choices that we make in life.


Sometimes we don’t always give the people we love this same courtesy. When we think that we know what’s best for others, or we want them to change, we aren’t accepting them for who they are.


I am just as guilty of this as anyone. I’ve been in relationships and wanted people to be something

other than they are. I’ve wanted them to lose weight or quit smoking for their health. I’ve wanted them to start meditati...

January 9, 2016

Photo by Stuart Miles


 I’ve been internet dating for a few years now, and while I’ve had a few clunkers and definitely haven’t found “the One,” It’s been a fairly pleasant experience. Most of my single friends in the spiritual community haven’t had the same experience, though. I’ve heard that online dating can be quite the horror show.


 The average persons’ approach to dating online is the “accuracy through volume” method.  They date as many people as possible in the hopes that the right person will eventually show up. To me, going at it like that is kind of like throwing darts at a moving target. If you throw enough of them, odds are that at some point you wil...

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