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Are you tired of negativity in your life?

Do you actively work on yourself?

Are you ready for positive changes?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then chances are, we would get along great! For the last twenty years, I’ve been adding to my spiritual tool kit. I’ve been to countless seminars, workshops, and classes, read every book that I could get my hands on, and sucked up knowledge like a sponge. Like many people that I meet, I have a strong desire to be my “best self”, so I’ve been in a constant forward trajectory with that in mind.


Through the years, I’ve been blessed to experience life-changing transformation and healing within myself, and also to witness it in my clients. The journey wasn’t easy, though! Anyone who tells you it is, is most likely selling something (Princess Bride line; I couldn’t help myself!) It takes a strong desire and commitment to change your life, along with some inspiration and a little guidance.




You can change your life. The truth is that it can be really tough to stay consistent on your spiritual journey. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had someone get excited about starting something like a meditation practice, only to peter out and go back to their old ways after a couple of weeks. Our lives get so busy that sometimes it’s hard to stay on track. It can also be challenging to stay motivated when you aren’t seeing results right away, or you are going through a rough patch.



Let's make it easier...


I had to gather knowledge on my own, with little help from others, which added years to my journey. That’s why I’ve decided to create a space where you can easily access tools that will give you fresh insight, inspiration, and help you stay on track with your spiritual work.


The Happy Empath Membership is a monthly subscription that will help people on their spiritual journey stay on track with guided meditations, podcasts, articles, affirmations, and much more.



The Happy Empath Ebook
The Happy Empath Ebook
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What you get as a subscriber every month

A guided meditation that can be downloaded and listened to anywhere. This is a great way to keep your meditation practice consistent. Guided meditations calm the mind, reduce stress, and help you to get back into alignment.


A new podcast. Each episode will help you to release what no longer serves you, remove any blocks and obstacles that are keeping you off track, and inspire you to make the changes that you want to make.



A new affirmation.  Affirmations are an awesome way to change old habits and create new, healthier ones. You can add them to your vision board, post them to social media, or write them on your bathroom mirror in eyeliner pencil. They will be yours to do what you will with!


One fantastic, never before published article that will have tips, information, and inspiration that will help you on your journey.


Random bonuses and discounts! There is nothing better than a random special deal or freebie. Bonuses could include discounts on ebooks, courses, other products and services, and even free stuff.


Access to a "members only" section of I'll be dropping free stuff, discounts to online courses, and tons of other things on our secret page!

Sign up today for the yearly and receive The Happy Empath ebook for free!





 You receive the entire suscription platform. It can be cancelled at any time, if you decide that it's not for you.*


*first month can't be cancelled due to giveaway















You receive the entire suscription platform, plus The Happy Empath ebook for free!




















still not sure?

Check out a teaser from our podcast for free.

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