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The Craving Temptations of the Desire Body

Let’s face it guys, our desire bodies can get us in trouble sometimes. Well maybe more than sometimes. For some people its lust/sexual temptation, for others it maybe drugs or alcohol. Sometimes its just the temptation of being a couch potato, or gambling, and the list goes on and on. For me, it’s the temptation of chocolate cake. You may think it’s a joke but its real–as real as any other temptation. Let me walk you through it and see if this sounds familiar……

First it starts with a thought – “Hmm, some chocolate cake would be nice.” It sounds like a poor little innocent thought but don’t be fooled, there is an energy of self-sabotage lingering in the background that you are about to feed into.

A self-distracting conversation begins in your head- “Think of something else Katie!!! Hmm, this apple sitting by your desk is so delicious! Forget the cake. The cake is only an illusion.” In come the emotional feelings that always sound like a deprived baby- “I really want it!! Listen to me!! I am so hungry. The only thing that will make me happy is chocolate cake. WA WAH WAHH!” Finally we have the body saying “WHERE IS MY CHOCOLATE CAKE DOPAMINE RUSH?" It feels like a magnetic pull you almost cannot hold back from. You feel the sensations in your body heighten, along with an adrenaline surge.

The battle between the second and third chakras begins now. Your desire & will have to fight it out- “Should I or should I not? I should! No I shouldn’t. Maybe I should. A little won’t hurt will it?”

"That's it!" you say. You get out of the bed, head straight to the fridge to grab that chocolate cake with your hand. You don’t even have the patience to get the fork first.

You can replace "chocolate cake" with your personal craving temptation. Now the question is, how do we stop this cycle from happening again? The answer to that is metaphysical in nature. Our desire body is always craving, wanting, longing or needing something outside of ourselves to quench its thirst and bring it back to temporary fulfillment. We desire an external source to create an internal state. Where is the sense in that? The two can never be never come together, hence you have set yourself up for a “mission impossible!!”

So I ask that you join me tonight in meditation as we all let go of our chocolate cake syndromes by asking an internal source to create an internal state of being that we are truly craving for. Lets ask our spirit guides, angels and other helpers to come in and create the internal fulfillment we really need so that we don’t grab the external chocolate cake anymore.

Katie Sabbaghian’s has a Masters in Metaphysics from Delphi Academy.. She has undergone extensive training in many different modalities including Kundalini Light Energization, Akasha sensitivity, Rebirthing, Relationship dynamics, Sound and colour, Yhandi’s inner light, Hypnotherapy and In-depth Channeling. She has also trained extensively with the Patricia Hayes school of Inner sense development, the Arthur Ford International Academy of Mediumship and is an initiate of the thirteenth degree in the Holy Order of The Dove. She now finds great fulfillment in doing Channeled Readings and Healings. For more info, visit her website at

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