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The Naked Truth About Love

Is there any more misunderstood or emotionally-charged subject than love? People will lie, cheat, steal, and even kill for what they call love. They will be miserable in relationships because of what they call love. They will give up everything they have, and sacrifice all that is precious to them, out of what they call love.

The world is absolutely miserable because of what they claim is love. Children pursue studies and jobs they don't enjoy because they 'love' their parents. Parents work at jobs they hate and sacrifice their time, money, and personal interests out of 'love' for their children. People spend their lives feeling jealous and insecure, or sad and angry, because they 'love' someone too much to leave them.

Families pretend to enjoy one another and sacrifice their true interests, to hold onto the 'love' of others, or because they 'love' them. That ain't love, people.

Real love is not the seeking of another's approval. It's not the enjoyment of someone's traits. It's also not sexual attraction. It's not desire. It's not lust. It's not the need to be around the energy of another person. It's not the appreciation for the physical beauty of another. It's not the preference for another person's personality, or agreement with their opinions and an enjoyment of shared interests. It's not wanting someone else to be happy, either.

Real love, Divine Love, is a force. It is a frequency. It is an energy. Divine Love is the most powerful, high-frequency energy on the planet, not the mention the universe. They say, "Love conquers all," but that's not right. Real love, Divine Love, conquers absolutely nothing. Rather, it HEALS absolutely everything. Divine Love is as simple as it is powerful. It is what makes miracles happen. Divine Love can totally transform not only your life, but the lives of everyone around you. Divine Love will bring PEACE to the Earth.

And when you truly understand Divine Love, you will have all the answers. When you understand Divine Love, the old adage, "God works in mysterious ways," will make perfect sense. As will everything else in your life. And when you understand and USE Divine Love, you will create Heaven on Earth all the way around you with every breath you take. Are you ready for that? Then I'll tell you what love really is.

Divine Love is this: Wanting the Highest Good. When you 'love' someone in the true, Divine sense of the word, the sense Jesus was talking about when he said, "Love thy neighbor," you want their Highest Good.

Now before you turn your back on this, thinking that you can't possibly want the Highest Good for those people in your own life who cause so much misery, like your snotty boss or your devious coworker, understand this: Whatever is in one person's Highest Good is also the Highest Good of ALL. And that includes YOU.

That's just the way it works. If someone's Highest Good is being served, EVERYONE'S Highest Good is being served. It's just part of the grooviness of the infinite power of Creator Source. And, just in case this hasn't occurred to you yet, whenever YOUR Highest Good is being served, EVERYONE ELSE'S Highest Good is being served. Sit with that a minute. Read over it again. Here, I'll make it easier:

Whenever YOUR Highest Good is being served, EVERYONE ELSE'S Highest Good is being served.

See, once you really 'get' this, you have the answer to any question you could ever have, and the secret to creating real world peace. Is it in your Highest Good? No? Well, then it's not in your children's Highest Good, either. Or your spouse's. Or your parents' or your friends' or any of the other beings with which you share space on this planet.

Do you have toxic relationships you're putting up with? Ask yourself this: Is it in your Highest Good to allow people to physically or verbally abuse you or take advantage of or manipulate or use you? Hmmm...not a hard one, is it? Well, guess what? It's not in their Highest Good, either, no matter what they may tell you or what you might think, or how much bitching or whining or crying or yelling they might do to get you to put up with it some more.

Is it in the Highest Good of all for you to work at a company that abuses its workers, poisons the environment, and destroys communities? Well, no, but you knew that, right? You don't do it for them, you do it for you. But the thing is, that despite what your fears may tell you, that job is not in YOUR Highest Good, either. And working at that job so you can buy your kids the latest shoes, video games, or DVD player is not in THEIR Highest Good.

See how that works?

Divine Love does NOT seek to make you comfortable. It does not soothe your ego or fulfill your desire for more material things. It does not pander to your lust or have the purpose of keeping you where you are because it's what you know.

Divine Love seeks ONLY your Highest Good:

* Spiritual and Emotional healing and growth.

* Work that makes your heart sing and contributes to a more joyful, peaceful, healthy Earth.

* Relationships that honor and nurture the Real You.

* And any and all other activities, people, and things that contribute to your Highest and Greatest Joy.

So now it's time for you to try it. Who do you love? Your child? Your lover? Your mother? Your friend? Do you want the Highest Good for them, rather than what their ego-self demands? Do you want to see them heal and grow, to do what they're here on Earth to do, to contribute to a peaceful Earth and a joyful life? Then seek YOUR OWN Highest Good in ALL that you do, always. Yep, that's the secret. The one I was telling you about. The one that answers every question, makes miracles happen, and leads to peace on Earth. Let me say it again.

Seek your Highest Good in all you do, always.

That's it. That's all it takes. That's all you have to do to create a life you love and a planet of peace. Wow. Intense, huh? Who knew?

Okay, so it's not exactly as easy as it sounds. I mean, society, the public education system, the advertising industry, and even our government, don't exactly lead us to an understanding of how to do this, do they?

That's okay. We're not in as much trouble as you might think. Because we've ALL got access to someone who knows all about this. Yes, YOU have access to this someone. Someone who only speaks the language of Divine Love, and who from the moment of your conception has wanted absolutely nothing less than your Highest Good.

Your Higher Self. Your soul. The infinite, immortal, Divine, larger YOU that has existed since creation itself was birthed from the intentions of Creator Source. The you that has lived multiple lifetimes, in multiple dimensions, and has a direct line to the very energy that birthed it.

Not sure you believe in all that? That's okay. Jesus said you only need faith the size of a mustard seed. Which really means you just need a curious mind. An attitude of, "It could happen." Try it and see what happens.

Don't know to strike up that conversation? It's way easier than most people think. You don't have to get all formal and fancy and solemn. Just talk. Like you would to a friend. Maybe something like, "Hey, Higher Self, what should I do in this situation?" Then, just like in any good conversation, you need to listen. But in this conversation, you don't listen with your ears. You listen with your heart. And you pay attention to your gut.

See, that's how Higher Self communicates with you. Through your heart and gut. Let's face it, too many other things have messed with your mind, right? Societal programming. Educational programming. Television programming. Advertising. Guilt, shame, and most especially, FEAR programming. Drugs and environmental toxins. Expectations and obligations from your um...'loved' ones.

But your heart is pure. Even after all that, your heart still knows how to hear your Higher Self's answers. And your gut can still tell you what those answers are.

Get a sinking feeling just thinking about doing something? Feel tired and a bit queasy after being around someone? Reach for the phone to make a call and feel your energy drop, your stomach turn over? What do you think the message is?

Do you feel an excited, happy flutter in your stomach at the thought of doing something? Does your energy surge, your voice rise, your breathing accelerate when you talk about something? Does your body seem to move more effortlessly, your thoughts stream more fluidly, your emotions flow positively whenever you're doing something?

See? It's not nearly as complicated as you might think.

It does take some practice, and it especially takes repetition to get in the habit of asking for guidance from your Higher Self in all that you do, but that is the way to your highest joy, your greatest healing, your most amazing growth, and peace on Earth, so, well, I think it's worth it. How about you?

Now it's time to put it all to work! You don't have to take my word for it! Try it! Start by asking, "Hey, Higher Self, what do you think of all this?"

And then watch and listen with a curious mind.

Satina M. Scott

Dharma Work Spiritual Empowerment Services



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