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The Power of Acceptance

People used to use talk about the power of acceptance to me all the time and I would just blow it off! Who needs to accept things when we can just fight and use our determination to get what we want?!!? I truly did not see its value or its importance. I usually always got what I wanted if I tried long enough, pushed long enough, or strained long enough.

But you see, the universe always has creative ways of teaching us what we refuse to organically learn. What started to happen was, no matter how hard I tried to get the result I wanted, it did not come to fruition! “How could that be?” I asked myself. I kept trying harder and harder with no success. I finally had to give up my strategy and realize that this old technique of aggressive perseverance was just not working for me.

I kept thinking to myself “Is there a different way of doing this?” and of course there popped in the “A” word (Acceptance). I decided to give it a try and apply it in my life when the next opportunity presented itself.

A week later, I was sitting with my husband and I was showing him this week long retreat program in San Diego that looked very appealing to me. I told him that we should both do this together so that we could relax and spiritually rejuvenate ourselves. The more I talked about the retreat, the less interested he was, and the less interested he was, the more I pushed to try and persuade him! I really did not want to go without him and didn’t want to drive to San Diego by myself. The conversation turned into an angry argument where he made it blatantly clear that he had no interest and that I need to stop controlling him!

The argument wasn’t going anywhere, so me and my angry entitled-self walked up the stairs to take a bath and calm down. As I was talking a bath, I remembered how I promised myself that I would try acceptance the next time a situation arose. I sat in the bath and prayed for acceptance, and I was not going to leave the bath until I fully accepted the situation. 45 minutes passed by and I felt a feeling of freedom. It felt like, regardless of whether my husband came to the retreat with me or not, I was going to go and be very fulfilled. I had no attachment to the outcome at all. I really was going to be happy going by myself and had no need or craving for him to come along. I accepted the situation for what it was without trying to alter or change anything.

We went out for dinner that night and the first thing he said as we sat down to eat is that he wanted to go to the retreat with me! He had changed his mind and thought it was a fabulous idea. My jaw dropped to the floor because a few hours before he was dead set against it!! All of a sudden, the realization came to me that when you truly accept something for what it is without wanting to change any detail, what is for the highest best always unfolds.

So the next time, when you have tried everything in your power to change, fix or heal something, try accepting it instead. I promise you it works like magic and makes everything fall into place!

Katie Sabbaghian has a Masters in Metaphysics from Delphi Academy.. She has undergone extensive training in many different modalities including Kundalini Light Energization, Akasha sensitivity, Rebirthing, Relationship dynamics, Sound and colour, Yhandi’s inner light, Hypnotherapy and In-depth Channeling. She has also trained extensively with the Patricia Hayes school of Inner sense development, the Arthur Ford International Academy of Mediumship and is an initiate of the thirteenth degree in the Holy Order of The Dove. She now finds great fulfillment in doing Channeled Readings and Healings. For more info, visit her website at


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