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A Message of Love from Archangel Raphael

Happy Valentine’s Day! Archangel Raphael is the angel who helps us with healing and romantic relationships. Today is all about love, so here is some channeled guidance from Raphael on the subject.

Remember that you were made in Love. Because you were made in Love, you can be nothing less than Love itself.

You are all connected and a part of each other. Just as you are connected to each other, you are connected to us, who are connected to the Source of Love Itself. Your actions and feelings are waves of energy that affect not only yourself and each other, but the very Source of all that is.

When you choose to hate one person, you are choosing to hate yourself, your family, your community, and God. Your hate cannot be contained to one thing or one person alone. It emanates throughout the Collective Spirit and affects it.

When you choose to love one person, you are choosing Love itself. It also cannot be contained to one thing or one person alone. The feeling and frequency of Love ripples across the Universe in a tidal wave of positive vibrations that affect and enhance everything.

The choice to Love brings you into alignment with your Authentic Self and your True Nature. Love is the only way to heal, to prosper, to bring more love to you. It is the only way to connect to the Divinity within.

The best way to express Love is to practice forgiveness. If you can find nothing that needs forgiveness toward your loved ones, then forgive yourself. Free yourself from the constraints of un-forgiveness, and you create space for compassion and connection to your Higher Being.

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