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Gold and Silver Light Meditation to Balance Divine Masculine and Feminine Energies

Here's a free love offering for everyone to help with integrating all of this crazy energy we've been experiencing lately. I've created a quick little 15 meditation that my clients use to stay energetically healthy after a healing session with me.

We can reach our fullest potential when our Divine Feminine and Masculine energies are balanced. Most of us have way too much of one or the other, which can weaken our energetic fields.

Healthy Divine Masculine energy is full of action, positive self-worth, and fearless. When it's not in balance, there are usually issues with empowerment, fear of failure or success, and emotional stagnation.

Healthy Divine Feminine energy is receptive, loving, wise, flexible, and creative. When it's out of balance, there can be issues with self-love, self-worth, feeling stuck, and a lack of nurturing.

This meditation will not only help you balance out, but it helps to transmute any blocks that might be keeping you out of alignment with your life purpose and higher self.


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