Cedar Tavern Roundtable with Eric Raines, Barbara Buck, and Matthew Mournian

This informative and fun discussion covers many of the crazy energetic events happening right now, our experiences with the supernatural, and more importantly, multidimensional understanding to navigate these new waves of activation.

Welcome to the Cedar Tavern, with Eric Raines Barbara Buck, and Matthew Mournian.

Barbara Buck is an intuitive healing practitioner, etheric attachment removals, and intuitive coach with over 20 years of hands-on experience. Her website is BarbaraBuck.org.

Matthew Mournian is a psychic, intuitive empath, and shamanic healer, specializing in clearing, balancing, and removing negative energetic attachments from the body.Check out his website rememberyourmission.com.

Eric Raines is a transformative energy healer, psychic chiropractor, etheric implant specialist and a Healers Healer. (He also really loves cedar trees.). For more information, visit UnleashingNaturalHumanity.com

#starseed #disclosure #ethericimplantremovals

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