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We would love to hear your stories! We take blog submissions from anyone 18 years of age and over.  Use the contact form to submit your story.


  • We take original posts and posts already published, that are between 700 and 2000 words. We will let you know within 72 hours if we will be using your post.

  • Our website is all about the positive, so we love to publish stories that are about love, relationships, spirituality, psychic abilities, and self help.

  • Offer practical information that will help readers address similar challenges. It doesn’t need to be a list of tips.

  • Choose a topic related to personal growth that isn’t gender-specific, not related to parenting, online businesses, writing or publishing a book, coaching, working as a motivational speaker, or marketing.

  • Provide original work, or work that has only been published in one place. Original means your post has never before been published anywhere, including your own blog, and does not include any sections taken from a previously published post.

  • Include a bio, eighty words or less, at the bottom of the post.

  • Please refrain from self-promotion in the article. You are welcome to promote your products, websites, or services in your bio.  Please note that links in the body of the post may be removed.

Please allow 72 hours for a response after submittal.


























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